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6 Ways to Get Free Followers for Your IG Account

Instagram is one of the hottest social media platforms used today. It has a wide range of people there, although the greatest percentage of users are under 30. Instagram is all about the pictures and if your photos stand out from the rest, you’ll get plenty of attention and perhaps fame and fortune. There are many ways to get free Instagram followers, six of which we’ll look at below. However, don’t forget that you can boost the work that you do to get followers by making one simple purchase. Many companies sell followers at a reasonable price and people by them because it improves their social presence. Consider making the same purchase and use these tips to get the maximum number of followers possible for your account.

1- Ask for Followers

Post your new Insta information on the other social media sites that you currently use. Facebook, YouTube, google+, and tons of other platforms are great to use to cross-promote and get a large number of people following you on IG in no time. When you ask for new IG friends; they’ll come. Don’t be shy and ask for new fans and followers wherever you go!

2- Do Things Differently

It seems that so many IG accounts post the same pictures, memes, videos, and viral content so it is pretty boring to follow them all. When you give people something new and different, they have something to look forward to. Do things differently and dare to stand out from the competition.

3- Quality Material

Remember, no matter what you choose to post on your account, it should be of the best quality. Your audience won’t stick around to watch a video that isn’t easy to hear or to see and photos that are blurry or otherwise unclear won’t score you any brownie points either.

4- Use Hashtags

Hashtags make it easier for you to get more eyes on your content. Choose tags that relate to the picture and that are trending, if it is possible. Statistics prove that using 15 or more hashtags on a post generates the best visibility.

5- Enhance Photos

Filters made their debut on IG and they’re still just as popular as ever on the site. There are a variety of filters that can be used to enhance the quality, color, or the fun of the pics that you upload. Use them to your advantage, but remember not to get carried away and overdo things.

6- Engage & Be Consistent

Stay relevant in the minds of your followers by being a regular IG user. If you aren’t posting on a regular basis, they’ll forget who you are. Engage with your audience as often as you can. Ask them to help you get free Instagram followers by inviting their friends and fans to your page as well. The more that you engage, the more fun your page brings to those who are out there.

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