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A Fistful Of Followers And More

If you are an avid user of the smart mobile, then this note is for you. It is especially the case if you have high hopes of becoming quite popular on your newly processed Instagram platform. Whether it’s going to be an ambitious or modest target for you at this time, and it’s very much dependent on what you are actually using your social media platform for, the milestone of 100 followers is still nothing to be sniffed at.

Be prepared for a long trek to the town of your dreams, there where your pot of gold lies. Start following these next few steps and the path won’t seem so narrow after all. Step one introduces you to Instagram. Instagram is your friend for life, designed to make life easier for you. Step two introduces you to the branding exercise. During this exercise, the first practice sessions should revolve around the branding of the hashtag.

This is because the hashtag is a cross-pollinating device. It is used across a variety of platforms and not just Instagram. Instagram focuses on the visual. Plenty of lessons are available to help you create truly attractive stills and videos. But they still need to be smart, presentable and comprehensible to their viewers. Step three focuses on how to write good, relevant captions for your photographs and videos.

Finally, step four focuses on getting you in the habit of always editing your work. Let’s begin with this then. No matter what you do or write, always check your work before publishing it. This is a golden rule for achieving a successful and positive reception. Pressed for time to skip essential tasks, do not take it for granted and cross your fingers in the hope that viewers will not notice your glaring errors.

They will. But should they lack the skill to do so, of one thing you can be certain, your posts will not make any sense to them. A golden opportunity is lost. Start making your life easier by getting organized. You can start with your mobile. Get rid of all those apps you have no use for. Save hashtags that you will be using regularly. Now, this saves you time when you are posting on the go. But please, do not do any texting whilst you are driving your bronco.

Life won’t be difficult as a result. You simply won’t be around to tell the tale. Always attach your brand name to your hashtag. No more than four core hashtags should be attached to a single post. This should leave enough room to remind your followers of what your business is all about. And then you’re still going to have enough room to blast them away with a new promotion or two. You keep your gun loaded at all times.

Captioning business photos and videos is all-important. But because these are going to be commercially oriented, it does not mean that they must be boring and bland, awash with your customary business-speak and jargon.

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